Taxidermy Specimens

Recently received

* White Faced Scops Owl
* Tropical Screech Owl
* Fischers Turaco
* Red Crested Turaco
* White Cheeked Turaco
* Livingston Turaco
* Schalow Turaco
* Hobby (female)

Soon to be listed For Sale

* Scarlet Ibis
* Purple Crested Turaco

Taxidermy - Staffs Spring Show 2017

After not doing either of my x2 regular shows this year, all is looking good for a return in March 2017 for the Spring show.

I hope to have a nice selection of birds for sale on the day, and as usual will be interested in any birds you may have for me. BUT please give me a call well before the show and let me know what you have so that I am prepared.

I will also be taking and completed commissions.

Hope to see you there.