Taxidermy & Stafford Show

I have 15 birds ready for sale and display at the show this Sunday. Some will be at show prices just for that day!

If you are bring any specimens for me please give me a call to let me know.

Any remaining birds will be listed on the website at usual prices next Monday.

I am now booked with commissions until December so please contact me urgently if you have anything you want done before Xmas.

Recently received birds for Taxidermy.

All captive bred birds.

* Lizard Buzzard - this will be ready in 2-3wks time. My first ever specimen and rare as there are few captive bred pairs kept. It is in great condition.

* Lanner Falcon
* Male Peregrine
* Red Billed Magpie
* Little Bittern - female
* Boobook Owl
* Buffons Turaco
* Western Screech Owl
* Red Collared Lorikeet
* Blue Fronted Amazon

Taxidermy birds soon for the Website

I am finishing the following birds which hopefully will be on the website in the next week or so :

* Black Necked Aracari
* Great Grey Owl & A10 - this is a very unusual pied variation. The head is mostly white as is a lot of the body.
* Bengal Eagle Owl

I also have the following which will be ready for the New year :

* Golden Parakeet & A10
* Violaceous Turaco