Taxidermy - 13.9.13

Birds for Stafford

Ready :-

White Naped Raven
Splendid Starling
Western Grey Plantain Eater

Birds started :-

Bengal eagle owl
Ural owl
Orange winged Amazom
African Grey Hornbill

Birds to do:-

African Grey Parrot
Purple Crested Turaco
Barn Owl
Tawny Owl

Taxidermy - Current work & Staffs Parrot Show Sunday 13.10.13

I have been busy with commission work over the last few months and just come back form a Holiday in Canada. I still have a few pieces to do and finish.

Then I will be preparing specimens for the Stafford Parrot Society Show on Sunday 13th October. I hope to have about 12-15 pieces available for sale on the day.

I have listed few pieces on the website today and hope to list a few more after the Parrot show, so keep an eye on the website.

If you want anything done for Xmas please contact me asap as I am already booking in jobs for November.

Regards to all

Staffs Show 3.3.13

I am currently busy with work for the Staffs show on Sunday 3.3.13.

Hopefully I will have a few nice specimens including x3 wall mounted birds.

Specimens avaiable will include:-

* African Grey
* Galah
* Galah -wall mounted
* Tawny Owl - wall mounted
* White Cheeked Turaco - wall mounted
* Red Crested Turaco
* Western Grey Plantain Eater
* Barn Owl
* Hahns Macaw
* Blue Cheeked Amazon

and 1 or 2 more.

Birds recently recieved.

I have had the following birds come in.

* Galah
* Blue Cheeked Amazon
* Burrowing Owl
* Little Owl & A10
* White Faced Scops Owl
* Orange Winged Amazon
* Blue Fronted Amazon
* Blue Headed Pionus
* Dusky Pionus

Contact me if you are interested in ordering any of the above birds.

Staffs Show 14.10.12

Thanks to all those who continue to support me by bringing along their birds rather than throw the away. It was good to see you all at the show.

Those birds that are still available have now been listed on the website in the For Sale pages.

I dont anticipate getting any more birds done to be listed on the website this side of Xmas, not helped by my employer requiring me to work full time for 5wks!!!!

Taxidermy Work and Staffs Show

I will be at the Parrot Society Show at Staffs on 14th October, I am not sure where my stand will be but I will be in the main Hall.

I have a few more commissions to do and then hopefully I will get a few done for the Website before I start preparing for the show.

I have some really nice pieces to do, which I cant wait to get my hands on.

Current commission work to finish :-

* Blue and Gold Macaw
* Yellow Billed Stork
* Black Breasted Thrush
* Chestnut Backed Thrush

Commission work to do :-

Delayed Website Listings

Been busy finishing commission work so I haven't got round to listing the Barbet or Kestrel yet. Hopefully will get round to that in the nxt wk or so. If anyone wants advance pictures just email me.


x2 Carrion Crows - Commission
x1 Barn Owl - Show stock

Finishing commission work.