Taxidermy WC 10.10.10

Commission work

* pr Pheasants

Birds recd recently

* Eclectus (m)
* Black Headed Caique
* Red Lored Amazon
* Black Necked Stilt
* White Faced Scops
* Little Egret (with A10)
* Guira Cuckoo
* Purple Gallinulle
* Kittlitzs Plover
* Blue Winged Minia

Parrot Society Show @ Staffs Sunday 10.10.10

I am currently working on pieces that will be For Sale on the day at the autumn Parrot show.

I will have a selection of Parrots, Amazons and others.

My stand should again be in the Main Hall, towards the back, where I was for the first time, last year.

Remember contact me beforehand if you have any birds to bring me so that I can make arrangements with you.

Any pieces remaining after the show will be listed on the Website.

Taxidermy WC 10.5.10

New Items to enter on the website

* White Fronted Amazon
* Mexican Striped Owl

Work for this week

* Orange Bellied Leaf Bird - for the website
* Magpie Robin - Commission

Finishing work

Commissions -

* Black Billed Turaco
* Lady Ross Turaco
* Striated Scops


* Collared Scops Owl - partially moulted

Taxidermy Wc 28.3.10

Finishing commission pieces -

* Barn Owl
* Sparrowhawk
* Carrion Crow
* Asian Wood Owl

Birds recently received from birdkeepers -

* Hoopoe
* Niltava
* Chestnut Backed Thrush
* Red Laughing Thrush
* Black Spotted Barbet
* Redstart (male)
* Magpie Robin
* Hooded Pitta

Stafford Spring Show - Sunday 7.3.10

I am currently working on commissions and pieces for this popular Bird Show.

I shall be selling pieces on the day. I hope to have several Parrots, Owls, Turaco's and Hawk/Falcon available for sale.

Pieces I hope to have available will be

* Tawny Owl
* Barn Owl
* Bare Faced Go Away Bird
* Hartlubs Turaco
* Blue Headed Pionus
* Saker Falcon