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Post BREXIT News

It appears that any birds that are Annex A,B,C on the CITES Species+ website will require an Export licence (£63) and you will need to obtain an Import Licence.

They will then have to go by special courier service to ensure all documentation is processed. The cost of this I am yet to find out.

This will mean that I am unlikely to be shipping Annex A,B,C species to the EU unless under special request. Howvere costs are likely to make this prohibitive.


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This will give you advance notification of :-

* specimens I have recieved, which you can pre order,

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* and also which commission pieces I am currently working on.

Unless you register and give permission under the GDPR I will not be able to send you this information.

If you have already recieved the GDPR Newletter from me please ensure to you reply otherwise you will miss out on advance information.

20/03/2018 Birds available for order

I have recieved the following specimens which can now be ordered:-

* Ferruginous Hawk
* White Faced Scops
* Chaco Owl
* American Kestrel - female
* Pattagonian Conure
* Alexandrine Parakeet - pair
* Derbyans Parakeet - pair
* Swainsons Lorikeet
* Green Naped Lorikeet
* Kestrel - male and female with A10's

I hope to be able to get sometime to prepare some birds to be able to sell via the website.

Taxidermy Specimens

Recently received

* White Faced Scops Owl
* Tropical Screech Owl
* Fischers Turaco
* Red Crested Turaco
* White Cheeked Turaco
* Livingston Turaco
* Schalow Turaco
* Hobby (female)

Soon to be listed For Sale

* Scarlet Ibis
* Purple Crested Turaco

Taxidermy - Staffs Spring Show 2017

After not doing either of my x2 regular shows this year, all is looking good for a return in March 2017 for the Spring show.

I hope to have a nice selection of birds for sale on the day, and as usual will be interested in any birds you may have for me. BUT please give me a call well before the show and let me know what you have so that I am prepared.

I will also be taking and completed commissions.

Hope to see you there.